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NuWave's Commitment to Cleaner, Safer Air - OxyPure® Small Business Donation Program

Here at NuWave, we know the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard on small businesses that are so crucial to our communities. We feel it is our responsibility to help support as many local businesses as we can with a donation of our NuWave OxyPure® Air Purifier.

With the winter season here and small businesses rushing to ensure the safety of their customers and staff, it’s clear we need serious solutions – and fast. NuWave is committed to donating 100 OxyPure® Air Purifiers to businesses in your community in order to aid in providing a clean, safe shopping environment.

A recent independent third-party test conducted by the University of Minnesota found that OxyPure® eliminated 98.24% of porcine respiratory coronavirus, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 from the air on the first pass on the lowest setting. The study calculated that the OxyPure® captured 99.999% of airborne coronavirus in a 1,200 square feet room in 6 hours.*

How To Apply:

Fill out the form below and enter a brief description about your business to be eligible for a NuWave OxyPure® donation.

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Numbers only, no spaces or dashes.

Restrictions: All donations made by NuWave are as-is and not for resale. In the event it is determined that donations were requested for resale or purposes other than as intended under this donation program, NuWave reserves all rights to ownership and return of the donated items and costs associated with ramifications of such misrepresentation.

Disclaimers: NuWave makes no promises or representations whatsoever regarding the program or donated items and disclaims all warranties whether express or implied. By making a donation request, the organization, on behalf of itself and its agents, officers, directors, shareholders, partners, members, and employees, agrees to waive any claims of liability against NuWave for any claims, costs, expenses, fees or taxes resulting from or related to the donation program, which includes, but is not limited to, claims arising out of the use of the donated OxyPure® Air Purifiers.

Eligibility limited to organizations in the United States.

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